[i3 announcement] i3 v4.5 released

Michael Stapelberg michael at i3wm.org
Tue Mar 12 14:28:08 CET 2013


I just released i3 v4.5. Here are the release notes:

 │ Release notes for i3 v4.5    │

This is the i3 v4.5. This version is considered stable. All users of i3 are
strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Most of the changes are cleanups and bugfixes. Due to cleanups, i3 no longer
  depends on flex/bison at all. Furthermore, libev ≥ 4 is now a hard dependency
  (libev < 4 is not supported anymore).

One important change to note is that moving windows to a different output will
  no longer move focus to that output. If you want to have the old behavior,
  modify the keybindings for moving in your configfile like this:

    bindsym $mod+Shift+1 move workspace 1; workspace 1

 │ Changes in v4.5            │

  • docs/hacking-howto: refer people to cr.i3wm.org
  • docs/ipc: Adds Go IPC lib to the docs.
  • docs/userguide: remove obsolete sentence about client.background
  • docs/userguide: be explicit about assignment processing order
  • docs/userguide: be more clear about the resize command arguments
  • docs/userguide: fix typo: s/11x/11px/
  • i3-dmenu-desktop: don’t add “geany” if “Geany” is already present
  • i3-dmenu-desktop: strip newlines from dmenu ≥ 4.4
  • i3-dmenu-desktop: skip files with broken utf8 but warn about it
  • i3-dmenu-desktop: skip broken files (no/empty Exec=) but warn about them
  • i3-dmenu-desktop: List filenames of .desktop files
  • i3-dmenu-desktop: remove %i from commandline
  • i3-nagbar: Work around terminals not supporting -e with quoted arguments
  • i3-nagbar: use the same font as configured for i3
  • i3bar: set _NET_SYSTEM_TRAY_COLORS for symbolic icons (gtk3+)
  • i3bar: don’t use X11 borders to avoid overlapping in hide mode
  • i3bar: separator color via config; separator width and on/off via ipc
  • i3bar: Allow min_width of a block in i3bar to be a string
  • i3-msg: parse command replies and display errors nicely if there were
  • Draw 1px tab separators left/right instead of 2px on the right only
  • Render tree before destroying X11 containers upon unmap
  • scratchpad show: move visible scratchpad window from another workspace to
    focused workspace instead of doing nothing
  • ignore MotionNotify events generated while warping the pointer
  • Allow X11 servers which do not support the XKB extension.
  • remove the urgency indicator when a window is closed
  • wrap when moving containers to outputs with direction
  • scratchpad_show: focus unfocused scratchpad window
  • Split workspace instead of changing orientation
  • scratchpad: always auto center on 'scratchpad show' if window hasn't been
    repositioned by the user
  • Add a new IPC event for changes on windows.
  • config: accept “smart” as popup_during_fullscreen parameter
  • Obey WM_SIZE_HINTS's resize increments in floating mode
  • Do not move focus if a container is moved across outputs

 │ Bugfixes                   │

  • Ignore ConfigureRequests for scratchpad windows
  • Correctly parse `move ... workspace *_on_output`
  • i3bar: Set separator color properly when drawing
  • Properly parse commands like “move workspace torrent”
  • Handle nested transient popups properly
  • Fix decoration rect size for windows without border
  • parse outputs as "word", not "string", to ignore trailing whitespace
  • fix crash when disabling output without any windows
  • scratchpad: fix crash when moving last window of an invisible workspace
  • fix coordinates of scratchpad windows on output changes
  • call scratchpad_show() when focusing scratchpad windows via criteria
  • fix continuous resize bug in floating mode, e.g. with xbmc
  • fix “overlapping” --release key bindings
  • fix IPC messages writes with low buffer sizes
  • unregister as window manager before restarting (fixes a race condition)
  • Fix bind[code|sym] --release
  • remove superfluous #include <xcb/xcb_atom.h>
  • Makefile: Repect AR environment variable
  • i3-input: restore input focus on exit()
  • Also draw right tab border for split containers
  • Fix scrolling on a tabbed titlebar which contains split cons
  • Correctly close floating windows
  • handle MapRequests sent between i3 registering as a wm and handling events
  • i3bar: fake DestroyNotify and send MANAGER ClientMessages to fix tray restarts

 │ Thanks!                    │

Thanks for testing, bugfixes, discussions and everything I forgot go out to:

  Adrien Schildknecht, alex, András Mohari, Artem Shinkarov, badboy, bafain,
  cradle, dcoppa, Donald, dRbiG, eeemsi, else, emias, f8l, Francesco Mazzoli,
  jasper, joepd, Kacper Kowalik, Kai, knopwob, Marcos, Marius Muja, Mats,
  MeanEYE, Merovius, oblique, paolo, phlux, Piotr S. Staszewski, pnutzh4x0r,
  rasi, saurabhgeek92, Sebastian Rachuj, Sebastian Ullrich, slowpoke, Steven
  Allen, supplantr, Tai-Lin Chu, Tucos, Vivien Didelot, xeen

-- Michael Stapelberg, 2013-03-12

Best regards,

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