[i3 announcement] i3lock 2.5 released

Michael Stapelberg michael at i3wm.org
Sun Jun 9 12:01:37 CEST 2013


i3lock 2.5 was just released. It requires libxkbcommon ≥ 0.2.0, but in
turn does much better input handling.

Here is the changelog:

 • NEW DEPENDENCY: Use libxkbcommon for input handling
   This makes input handling much better for many edge cases.
 • Bugfix: fix argument parsing on ARM (s/char/int/)
 • Bugfix: free(reply) to avoid memory leak
 • Bugfix: Use ev_loop_fork after fork, fixes forking on kqueue based OSes
 • Bugfix: Fix centering the indicator in the no-xinerama case
 • Only use mlock() on Linux, FreeBSD (for example) requires root
 • promote the "could not load image" message from debug to normal
 • s/pam_message/pam_response/ (Thanks Tucos)
 • remove support for NOLIBCAIRO, cairo-xcb is widespread by now
 • Allow XKB_KEY_XF86ScreenSaver as synonym for enter
   This keysym is generated on convertible tablets by pressing a hardware
   lock/unlock button.
 • Allow passwordless PAM conversations (e.g. fingerprint)
 • Add ctrl+u password reset
 • Set window name to i3lock

Best regards,

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