[i3 announcement] i3 v4.6 released

Michael Stapelberg michael at i3wm.org
Wed Aug 7 21:16:18 CEST 2013


I just released i3 v4.6. Release Notes follow:

 │ Release notes for i3 v4.6    │

This is the i3 v4.6. This version is considered stable. All users of i3 are
strongly encouraged to upgrade.

The main improvement of this release is increased compatibility. We made a few
tiny code changes and hope that Mathematica and Java applications will work
better with i3 now. i3-nagbar should work with more terminal emulators than

For debugging, the shmlog and debuglog commands can be sent via IPC to enable
shared memory logging while i3 is running. For the large number of users using
a release version (i.e. a version without shared memory logging by default),
this will make debugging their issues much simpler.

i3bar now supports click events and can be hidden/shown via an i3 IPC command.

 │ Changes in v4.6            │

  • docs/userguide: mention forgotten layout splitv/splith
  • docs/multi-monitor: nVidia ≥ 302.17 works just fine
  • docs/wsbar: update (we have i3bar now, i3-wsbar is just an example)
  • docs/testsuite: Document fixes and workarounds for test failures
  • man/i3-msg.man: updated man page to include all options
  • lib/i3test: clarify how to identify open_window() windows in i3 commands
  • Use a saner sanity check for floating_reposition
  • tabbed: floor(), put extra pixels into the last tab
  • raise fullscreen windows on top of all other X11 windows
  • Draw indicator border only for split layouts
  • re-shuffle struct members to save a bit of memory
  • Add 'NoDisplay=true' to i3.application.desktop
  • Store aspect_ratio instead of weird proportional_{width,height}
  • Implement shmlog command
  • Implement debuglog command
  • Implement unmark command
  • actively delete _NET_WORKAREA on startup
  • Handle the _NET_REQUEST_FRAME_EXTENTS ClientMessage (java compat)
  • i3bar: add click events
  • i3bar: fix -b parameter, fix usage description
  • i3bar: restore compatibility with libyajl version 1
  • i3bar: unhide hidden i3bar when mode is active
  • i3bar: fix font display height in i3bar
  • i3bar: introduced i3 command for changing the hidden state and mode
  • i3bar: fix wrong placement of i3bar when connecting/disconnecting outputs
  • i3bar: draw workspace buttons at x=0 instead of x=1
  • i3-nagbar: take our terminal execution kludge to the next level
  • i3-nagbar: Bugfix: -m requires an argument (crashes if none specified)
  • i3-dmenu-desktop: run commands when they don’t match a .desktop file
    (e.g. enter “i3 layout stacking”)
  • i3-dmenu-desktop: honor Path= key
  • contrib/dump-asy.pl: Fix $ and & in window titles
  • contrib/dump-asy.pl: Display nicer double-quotes
  • contrib/gtk-tree-watch.pl: Remove bogus default socket path

 │ Bugfixes                   │

  • Bugfix: ipc: use correct workspace in workspace change event
  • Bugfix: fix floating window size with hide_edge_borders
  • Bugfix: Fix parsing of comments in the config file
  • Bugfix: Fix error messages for the debug log
  • Bugfix: shm_unlink the correct file when handling errors
  • Bugfix: Fix shm logging on FreeBSD
  • Bugfix: Fix restarting with 32 bit depth windows
  • Bugfix: Fix scratchpad_show on non-scratchpad windows
  • Bugfix: i3bar: mark IPC fd CLOEXEC
  • Bugfix: fix crash when not having tray_output configured
  • Bugfix: make sure that resize will take place even if pixel is smaller
    than size increments.
  • Bugfix: render_con: fix height rounding in aspect ratio computation
  • Bugfix: fix problem when moving fullscreen window to scratchpad
  • Bugfix: Unmap windows before reparenting them to the root window
    (fixes Mathematica)
  • Bugfix: update parent urgency hint if a child is removed.
  • Bugfix: fix bus error on OpenBSD/sparc64
  • Bugfix: fix focus handling in 'floating disable' on non-visible windows
  • Bugfix: ignore spaces in front of default workspace name
  • Bugfix: call i3-nagbar correctly for configfiles without the font directive
  • Bugfix: resize and center a scratchpad even when a criteria is used.

 │ Thanks!                    │

Thanks for testing, bugfixes, discussions and everything I forgot go out to:

  Alexander, Alexander Berntsen, Arun Persaud, badboy, Baptiste Daroussin,
  Clément Bœsch, Diego Ongaro, Eelis van der Weegen, Eika Enge, enkore, Eric S.
  Raymond, Franck Michea, haptix, HedgeMage, koebi, Layus, Mayhem, Merovius,
  necoro, oblique, Philippe Virouleau, phillip, psychon, Simon Elsbrock, Simon
  Wesp, Thomas Adam, tobiasu, vandannen, xeen, Yuxuan Shui

-- Michael Stapelberg, 2013-08-07

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