[i3] RFC: i3-dmenu-desktop

Michael Stapelberg michael at i3wm.org
Sun Dec 9 17:10:38 CET 2012


I have written a script which extracts the “Name” key from .desktop
files, asks you to make a choice by starting dmenu, then runs the chosen
application via i3.

You can read more about it in its documentation at

>From the commit message:

See "pod2man --utf8 contrib/i3-dmenu-desktop | man /dev/stdin" for
documentation. Use a line like this in your i3 config file:
    bindsym Mod1+p exec --no-startup-id ~/i3/contrib/i3-dmenu-desktop

I would love to hear your comments about this.
Do you find it useful or not, and why?

I am toying with shipping this with i3 (as in: installing it on the
system so that it ends up in packages) and making it the default instead
of just using dmenu_run. Thoughts?

Best regards,

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